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Exustar is a leading supplier of bicycle pedals, shoes, and accessories with 25 years of experience. It is always our goal to provide a safer, simpler, more convenient, comfortable, and efficient riding experience.

Since 2002 we have been fully committed to the research and development of new products and technologies, continuously innovating and making improvements. In addition to focusing on promoting the Exustar brand, we also work closely with other companies on an ODM basis, bringing their products successfully to the market.

Exustar's pursuit of innovation and high quality means we are constantly developing new products, and keeping ahead of market trends. We place top priority on safety and all our products are thoroughly tested. 

1993 Exus brand launched. Clip-in pedal production begins.

1995 Cycling shoe range launched.

2002 Buyout of Exus by Exus management: Exus becomes Exustar.

2003 Carbon fiber products developed.

2005 The Exustar Pedaling System (EPS) developed. Carbon fiber/titanium mesh shoe sole.

2006 Exustar enters the motorcycle market with a line of leather boots.

2007 Company wins top honors (pedal category) at the Innobike design competition. Titanium pedals (body & axle) go into production.

2008 Introduction of motorcycle apparel. Exustar celebrates 15 years in the bicycle business.

2009 Breakthrough in lightweight pedal design: pedals weighing only 176 grams (E-PR00CKTI). Company moves to a larger facility.

2010 Exustar sponsored rider Hsiao Mei Yu wins women's 100 km road race gold medal at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

2011 Exustar cooperates with Garmin to develop the Garmin Vector pedal based power meter.

2012 Exustar offers road pedals with different levels of binding tension: PR1, standard tension, PR2, high tension, PR3, super-high tension.

2013 Exustar enters the US market, establishing Exustar USA, LLC. New state-of-the-art pedal manufacturing facility opened in Taiwan.

2014 Exustar releases an exceptionally strong, durable indoor pedal–designed for professional health club cycling classes.

2015 Outgrowing its former factory, Exustar moves into a purpose-built facility, enabling the expansion of production, and the streamlining of operations. Major upgrade of CNC-machining facilities allows company to perform more advanced and refined work. 

2016 Exustar takes indoor cycling to a whole new level with a range of the toughest, most durable, and most versatile pedals on the market, and a unique shoe, designed exclusively for the health club market.

2017 To increase efficiency Exustar moves production to new plant in the Dajia Youth Industrial zone near Taichung.
2018 The heavy-duty EPX Drive System (pedal-to-crank) is developed for indoor cycling.  


Specifications subject to change without notice. Exustar is a trademark of Exustar Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Garmin and Vector are trademarks of Garmin International Inc.

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