• Description

Forged Indoor Pedals
(With supersize axle)

Strong, durable indoor pedal, forged aluminum body, compatible with Look Delta-style cleats. Featuring an extra robust mechanism with supersize axle, and quad
LSL bearings. Antiloosening axle device.

• Supersize axle
• Forged aluminum body
• Quad bearings
• Anti-loosening axle device

Interface Look Delta-style.
Body Forged aluminum, anodized.
Axle Heat-treated, supersize CNC-machined Cr-Mo.
Antiloosening device.
Bearings Quad LSL bearings.
Bindings Look Delta-style: Fiberglassreinforced
thermoplastic, tension adjustable
with gauge.
Cleats E-ARC1
Size 88 x 94 mm

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