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Dual-interface Pedals
A versatile pedal that features a dual-interface: 1. a clip-in binding on one side for cleated shoes, and, 2. a simple platform on the other for casual shoe use. Equipped with a thermoplastic body, Cr-Mo axle, and LSL bushing & sealed bearings.

Interface EPS-M (Compatible with Shimano SPD), Platform.
Body Engineering thermoplastic.
Axle Heat-treated, CNC-machined Cr-Mo (cartridge).
Bearing LSL bushing & sealed.
Binding Single-sided Cr-Mo, tension adjustable.
Cleats E-C05F
Size 95 x 83 mm
Weight 333 g/pr
Compatible with Exustar two bolt shoes, other two bolt hole shoes.


lv 1 sportfull


enduro  tour

epsmlinec c05f

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